Requirements & policy

Enrollment requirements

All courses at Olifantsfontein Artisan Academy require a minimum Grade 9 school certificate or higher and ID copy. In order to finalize enrollment you may contact our office for registration form and formal quotation.


You have a 7-day period within which you can cancel with a full refund, after your payment was received and enrollment finalized. After the 7-day period, this agreement is binding and you are fully responsible for all fees, in accordance with CPA Laws. Cancellations are dealt with as per the cancellation formal notification and policy. If you wish to cancel the enrollment after the 7 days, you may do so, but no refund will be given; only credit will be provided for use at Olifantsfontein Artisan Academy.

The Academy will not engage in further servicing, communication or correspondence with a student once that student has cancelled or has been cancelled by The College. The cancellation process brings to an end the relationship between College and Student.

Cancellation Policy

  • Account must be up to date before cancellation can be considered.
  • Correctly completed cancellation form and supporting document must be submitted before the cancellation process can begin.
  • All students will be liable to pay for the month in which they request cancellation.
  • Allow 21 working days from submission date for processing and decision on cancellation.
  • Only cancellations within policy will be considered for processing.
  • A cancellation fee of R500 is payable by the student.

Reason for cancellation

  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Death of Student
  • Downscaling/Unemployed/Retrenched etc.
  • Health Issues
  • Studying Elsewhere
  • Other

Student fees

In the event of any fees due by the student being unpaid on the due date, the full balance of fees remaining unpaid shall become immediately due and payable. At the same time, all bursaries/ vouchers are withdrawn and cancelled.

The student will not receive reports; certificates or exam results unless the account is paid up in full.

A Student who has failed academically shall not receive any reimbursement of their tuition fee.

Once the recommended period of study has passed, the student is required to apply and pay for an extension to complete his or her studies.

Once the 7-day cancellation guarantee has passed the student will still be liable for the full course fee.