Trade Test Preparation Training Courses





The preparation training for Electrical and plumbing is 15 days. We train you on all modules needed in order to complete the trade test. Preparation training is highly recommended, as our qualified trainers prepare you on crucial step by step techniques of electrical
and/ plumbing installations required by the Indlela Trade test Centre.




Modules covered for Electrical Trade Test Preparation:

Duration: 15 Days, Monday-Thursday 9h00-15h00, Friday 9h00-12h00

  1. Single phase forward/reverse starter (various controls and motors).
  2. Three phase forward/reverse starter (various control and motors).
  3. Star/delta and Forward/reverse star/delta starter.
  4. Sequence starters (automatic, semi-automatic and manual).
  5. Motor Test (single and three phase, slip ring).
  6. Cable Test (1000V).
  7. Energy panel (single and three phase).
  8. Load balancing panel (240V and 400V loads).
  9. Current and Voltage transformer panel using selector switches.
  10. Faultfinding on various star/delta starters.
  11. Faultfinding on various resistance starters.
  12. Faultfinding on various auto transformer starters.
  13. Faultfinding on dual speed motors (rotary and contactor switching).
  14. Construction Work

Electrical training over weekends are available, please contact our offices for course dates. (011) 203 4030

Modules covered for Plumbing Trade Test Preparation:

Duration: 15 Days, Monday-Thursday 9h00-15h00, Friday 9h00-12h00

  1. Install a basin
  2. Install a GMS Gutter and shoe
  3. Cut,bend and assemble copper piping
  4. Install a push through geyser
  5. Make and install a GMS  Chimney Flashing
  6. Install a shower
  7. Install a water closet
  8. Install a drainage system
  9. Fabricate and fit a GMS vent pipe flashing




All training courses are in accordance with SETA, DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training), Indlela (Olifantsfontein) Trade Test Centre, QCTO and NAMB. We are accredited by QCTO.